What is the Difference between Ordinary Quilts and High-grade Duvets?

What is a duvet? According to the bedding industry standard QB/T1193-2012 standard, the duvet filler composition must be 100% down feathers, and the pile content is 50% or more. Get the #1 weighted blanket king size to dramatically reduce stress & anxiety. The core of the duvet is divided into white goose down, gray goose down, white duck down, gray duck down and so on. The quality of the duvet core depends mainly on its standard amount of cashmere and the amount of cashmere.

Their characteristics are as follows:

  • Natural goose down: large velvet, small stalk, good quality, flexible, warm and strong.
  • Duck down: velvet, feather stalk is worse than goose down, but the quality, elasticity and warmth are very high.

Difference between down and feather:

To make a metaphor, the feathers are the coats of birds such as geese or ducks. Feathers can protect the skin and provide a waterproof function, allowing birds to fly easily into the sky. The down is underneath this protective covering, usually on the bird’s abdomen. Thanks to the light and fluffy feathers, birds can keep their body warm in the cold winter.

What is the difference between Feather & Down? (www.verolinens.com)

Function of Down Duvet

  1. The duvet has high warmth, good elasticity, high bulkiness, and the duvet is light and soft. For example, a duvet with a pile ratio of 50% has a bulkiness equivalent to 2.8 times that of cotton and 2.2 times that of wool. The same size of natural material quilt, the duvet is the lightest weight, about 1/3 of the quilt, 1/2 of the wool quilt, so the duvet is not only gentle and warm, but also feels good.
  2. The duvet is breathable and dry, and it is not easy to be knotted. It has good performance not found in other warm materials. goose or duck feather duvet. Among the many products on the market, down is considered to be the most expensive. The warmth of the duvet is undoubtedly able to maintain the temperature of the human body in the quilt and is not easily affected by the indoor temperature. This means that the duvet can be used in the general room, and can be used in spring, autumn and winter.
  3. The duvet is durable and usually a duvet can be used for more than 30 years. In normal use, you can maintain the down performance by paying attention to regular maintenance.
White Lightweight Down Blanket

The Benefits of a Down Duvet

The use of down as a filler to make a duvet has been around for a long time. At that time in Europe, the duvet was a luxury that only the nobility could enjoy. goose down duvet sale. With the continuous development of the economy and society, duvets have become popular in developed countries in Europe and America, and become the necessary bedding for them to enjoy sleep.

The use of duvets has expanded from aristocrats to generally wealthy families. With the further improvement of people’s living standards, the duvet has finally entered the home of ordinary people and become the most comfortable bedding item that everyone can enjoy.

When you end your day’s exhausted work and return home, a comfortable sleep will determine whether you can face the challenges of your next work and life with the fullest spirit. A healthy and comfortable sleep is your radiant guarantee and a source of energy. Choose the finest down bedding and have the best sleep in the world right now!